Sicily Clothing Case Study

The Story of SICILY, which debuted in 1989 for men and women, is a Canadian based company, with outstanding quality outerwear designed for the modern luxury customer.

The Sicily collection has been crafted with the finest materials gathered from Italy and around the world.

Their commitment to the highest quality garments and creating a unique balance between fashion and function are always the main focus of the company, and are crucial to their vision for the future.

Created by the design team, lead by owner Charles Sciangula, their vision and focus is to always bring a modern edge to high quality outerwear.

They pride themselves in always maintaining a perfect balance between an outstanding product and customer satisfaction which is always their priority and focus.


THE PRIMARY OBJECTIVE was to generate additional online sales revenues through a strong digital marketing and advertising strategy. Influencer marketing and getting written up in multiple and other blogs were the largest audiences for our ideal client.

A variety of KPIs (key performance indicators) were used to measure success for the campaign including:

  • E-Commerce Sales
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Reach and Impressions (Brand Awareness)
  • no current tracking capabilities
  • Influencers repping the Sicily Clothing Brand
  • Newspapers and Blog Write ups with CTA’s

Challenges Social Media 55 was faced with several challenges including:

  • Campaign that starts October just in time for winter and runs until February.
  • Migrating over from WIX to Shopify.
  • Outdated website with no tracking of traffic or marketing data.
  • Low brand awareness online vs. large brick and mortar retail presence. The Bay, the famous Monteaux Monteaux, Sicily Can he found at many retailers worldwide.

Website Design & Development

Social Media 55 created a unique e-commerce website, which included an effective Shopify design. Custom product photography and a fully optimized back-end for superior ranking in all major search engines. Programs like JSON-SEO at a cost of $299 allowed us to start ranking and indexing under certain keywords on google. As well, a variety of landing pages were strategically developed for top-selling products and seasonality sales to improve sales. CTAs (calls-to-action) allowed for quick database capture and traffic conversation. Free shipping toolbars allowed for motivated buyers. A 1-2-3 shopping mentality was the ultimate outcome for the buying process. Creating an easy quick way to try and buy your jacket.

Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy

Social Media 55 developed a seasonal marketing strategy that focused on building and creating brand awareness across, influencer OutReach, Newspaper and high authority Blog OutReach.

A variety of communication and advertising mediums including:

  • Social Media Organic Posting Strategy
  • Social Media Paid Advertising
  • Adroll Programmatic Advertising & Advertising Remarketing
  • Newsletter Strategy & Deployment
  • Search Engine Optimization (On-Page, Off-Page)
  • Directory Submission
  • Reputation Management

October 2017 - February 2018 was a tremendous success based on the KPI’s outlined in the onset of the campaign. During this time, Sicily experienced:

  • Increase in organic traffic of 800% from the prior winter season 2016
  • Increase in volume of orders is up 220% 2016-2017
  • Increase in followers by 1200%
  • Increase in reach and impressions by 2200%
  • Increase in online and wholesale revenue 2016-2017 by 300%
  • Increase in website traffic up 1500%

In addition to the increased exposure got featured almost a dozen times in different articles in one of Canada’s most famous blogs “” we had influencers with fans totalling in the millions that promoted the brand. Ultimately driving quality traffic that converted into a following, engaged users and buyers.

Fortunately, the world famous brand provides quality making the reviews great and clients happy. Sicily Clothing is one of Canada’s fastest growing outerwear/fashion businesses.