Your Maui Escape

Your Maui Escape is a family owned and operated vacation rental and property management company. We offer almost a dozen stunning properties for your dream vacation in Maui, Hawaii.

Whether it’s for your honeymoon or your yearly getaway Your Maui Escape has the property for you.

Wailea Ekahi Village is absolute paradise and Your Maui Escape is truly your home away from home. This magical experience can only be found in Maui.

The Primary Objectice was to create a new user experience for people looking to book a vacation in Maui. Subsequently, Your Maui Escape has little to no engagement and no clear consistency with their social media outlets. Your Maui Escape needed to grow an engaged community through high quality images and video “engaging content”.

A number of KPI’s (key performance indicators) were used to measure success of the campaign included.


Website Traffic

Reach & Impressions (Brand Awareness)

Increase engagement on content

Social Media 55 had multiple challenges which included:

  • Small following on both Instagram & Facebook (less than 1000 combined)
  • 6 month campaign with limited budgets.
  • Competitive analysis and research as to what is our strongest demographic.
  • no current tracking capabilities
  • no current ability to take online reservations that are automatically synced with VRBO & Air B n B.
  • low levels of brand awareness and brand recognition.

Social Media Engagement & Growth

Social Media 55 created and executed on a strategy that delivered highly engaging content. Causing each and every post attractive for those to share and engage. Social Media 55 created and monitored all social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. We posted at key times to maximize our engagement levels. Hashtags and engagement into travel enthusiasts groups were daily strategies.
We created call to actions that made it simple for clients to book stays at the properties. We ran ads to attract new followers over the course of several months solely for the purpose of growing our community.

Overall Digital Marketing Strategy and Steps

Social Media 55 developed a full service digital strategy, we focused on creating strong effective content for increased brand awareness across channels like Social Media platforms and website development.

  • Social Media Stategy
  • Social Media organic posting
  • Social Media paid advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Programmatic Advertising - Retarget Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Newsletter Strategy, creation, development.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Directory submission strategy
  • Reputation management

February 2018 - August 2018 was considered to be a huge success for Your Maui Escape. During this time Your Maui Escape experiences:

  • Increase in organic traffic by 2500%+
  • Sold out all rentals for 2018 up by 80% from previous year.
  • Increase in web traffic by 575%
  • Increase in Facebook following 17,000 an increase of 1700%
  • Instagram community grew to a total of 50,000 followers on combined accounts @spgreviews
  • 10-20 Daily visitors to the site from organic initiatives.

In addition to fully booking 2018 rentals and increasing the brand social channels the brand experience a wave of inquiries and reservations they didn’t think was possible. Our brand awareness campaign had us reach well over 1 million people through our initiatives and planned actions.

  • Our Facebook community is heavily engaged on each post made to the account. On average 100-1000 engagements from posts. The account used to see 1-5 engagements.
  • Social Media strategies yielded high numbers of daily visitors to the site allowing us to spend less budget on website click campaigns. Saving the brand $500-$750 per month in clicks to the site.
  • Creating the strategy for the 2019 WordPress Website and work-back schedule.